Philips hue – How many years does it take to change a light bulb?

Philips is hoping to change the way we think about light bulbs with this fun new film, which fast-forwards us through the century-plus since the first incandescent bulb was introduced. The ad, by Iris, promotes Philips’ “connected lighting” system, Philips Hue, and aims to let us know that “lighting has changed.”
Directed by Martin Stirling (Save the Children’s “Second A Day”), the film charts the evolution of lighting from the perspective of a family living room, starting in 1879 as we see the family switching on their first bulb. It then takes us through the years, demonstrating how fashion, music, hairstyles, furniture and more have changed, although the same bulb (or at least type of bulb) still hangs there. It’s only when we reach the present that the father replaces the bulb with a Philips Hue bulb, and we see how it enables the family to do so much more with their lighting.
The spot, which will run online, outdoors and via smart TVs through September and October in the U.K., U.S. and Benelux countries, is the first to be made for so-called “connected lighting.” Until recently, light bulbs have been a household commodity that didn’t require much advertising. However, new products are on the market that let consumers customize their lighting. Philips Hue allows users to control their lighting via an app that enables fine-tuning of the brightness, tone and color of light. It can also interface with the web and other connected products such as fitness wrist bands.